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How To Use Windows Drivers For Your Wireless Network Card

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How to use the Windows drivers for your wireless network card


Xandros Desktop already provides a lot of wireless network card support using native Linux drivers that are generally available.

There are still some manufacturers that do not provide a working Linux driver for your wireless network card.

In this case, you can try using a tool called NDISWrapper to install the Windows driver for your wireless network card.



1: To install NDISWrapper drivers Launch the Control Center.

2: Expand the Hardware Information Tree and select the Hardware Detection branch.

3: On the right side of the page expand the Network section of the Tree.

4: Select the device that corresponds to your wireless device.

5: Click the "Properties" button at the bottom of the right side panel.

6: Select the Drivers tab on the Hardware Properties window.

7: From the drop-down menu select NDISWrapper and then click the "Windows (NDIS) Wireless Drivers..." button.

8: Click the "Add" button and browse to where your Windows Wireless Drivers are located. Select the inf file that corresponds to your Network device and click "open".

9: If the device is then listed as "present", click "Close", and then "Apply"



Please note:

you may have to reboot your Laptop to complete the installation. And with some Wireless devices it may be necessary to repeat the installation process a second time. Also, if your wireless interface still fails to work with the latest Windows Drivers, try an older version. It is possible that the drivers do not support your hardware revision.



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