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How to Update Your Nvidia Driver on Xandros 4

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Xandros is a wonderfully automated OS, but of course automation comes at the cost of complexity... One of those complexities happens to be in the video driver department...  When one wants to update their driver, they cannot just use the generic driver installer without breaking Xandros...  It is for this reason I created pre-built Nvidia drivers for Xandros 4.x systems..   This greatly simplifies things, but the process is not entirely dummy proof.  You will still need to pay attention to what you are doing, and make sure you are installing an appropriate driver for your system.  It is for that reason that this howto was created.  Before we begin, I must give the following warning:


***These drivers are totally unsupported and come with no warranty whatsoever. These drivers could possibly choke your cat, leave unsightly coffee stains on your shirt, cause nausea and/or vomiting, run away with your spouse or render your Xandros box perfectly useless except for a door stop. You have been Warned!!!***


*Sigh* Now that that's over, on to the good stuff... I have both Stable and Beta drivers available. The beta drivers are very much 'kid gloves are off', so If you have any question about your abilities with fishing yourself out of a failed driver scenereo, I recommend using the stable driver. In any case, Please print this out or have access to this article via another computer before proceeding.


OK, so before I give you the links there are some things you should know.


1. Do not install this on anything else except Xandros 4.0 with SP1 or Xandros 4.1.

2. Do not install this on a production system with valuable data.

3. Make sure if you have the proper driver for your kernel. Currently I have both SMP and Uni versions, though I may or may not offer the Uni version in the future.

4. Do not install this on a machine with a non-stock kernel.

5. Do not install this if you have a card not on the supported list, for the driver you wish to install. The list of which drivers support what is here: http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-9755/README/appendix-a.html

6. It is not necessary, but it is highly recommended to back up your xorg.conf file before proceeding... To do that, as root type: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak

7. It is now a requirement to uninstall your Nvidia driver before proceeding on installing my drivers... Doing so uninstalls part of the service pack if your version of Xandros was pre-SP1 and you had to do a manual service pack install, so If you are performing this driver install on such a version, or you are using a later driver which complains it cant install because of a missing package, apply the following patch first http://support.xandros.com/downloads/desktop_4.0/experimental/xandros4.0-servicepak-1.0_1.0.1-100_i386.deb prior to uninstalling the official driver... Then, and only then, are you ready to uninstall the driver and install mine. On the 9746-later drivers, 4.1 users need to apply the service pack patch in order to resolve dependencies. My drivers will probably uninstall the stock driver automatically if you don't but they may or may not necessarily remove each other (I built the 9629 and 9631 drivers after I built the 9742 driver), so it's best to just get into the habit of this in order to avoid problems... If you do not know how to do this please do not install my driver.

8. Reboot, and hopefully you'll see the new and improved nvidia splash logo..


If it bombs:


1. You will probably have a login prompt if it bombs. If you have a login prompt, login as root, and give your root password when asked... If you don't get a login prompt, quickly punch the power button in order to allow Xandros to shut down gracefully, then boot into "expert mode" and enter your root password.

2. Type xandrosxconfig --set-driver vesa

3. Type reboot

4. Log in and uninstall my package, do a search for dcc in XN, click install next to the proper driver for your version of kernel, and it will automatically install the original driver... If it wants to remove a bunch of packages, you have selected the wrong one. Cancel the operation and start again, selecting the right driver.

5. Shut down the computer, Reboot into "expert mode" and enter your root password.

6. Type xandrosxconfig --set-driver nvidia

7. Type reboot Now you are back where you started.


Ok now for the links.. Simply Right-Click and 'Save as':


Uniprocessor kernels:


9629 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-uni-experimental_7.

9631 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-uni-experimental_7.


***For Uni Machines Using Geforce FX 5xxx Cards and Greater Only***


9742b http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-uni-experimental_7.


SMP kernels:


9629 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.

9631 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.


***For SMP Machines Using Geforce FX 5xxx Cards and Greater Only***


9742b http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.

9746 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.

9755 http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.

100.14.03b http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.

100.14.06b http://www.vogelefamily.info/xandros/nvidia/4.0/dcc-nvidia-module-2.6.18-dcc-smp-experimental_7.


Note: The 97xx and 100-series drivers no longer support Geforce4 / Quadro4 and lesser Cards.. Beware! Make sure your card is on the list before installing. Drivers marked with a 'b' are beta drivers and are distributed with no support from me whatsoever. If you have problems with the beta driver, uninstall it and install a stable version.


Thanks and enjoy! Smile

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