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How to transfer your Mail folder and Address Books to Thunderbird 2

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  1. Log on to your normal user account, (not root).  In Xandros File Manger, click View > Show all files.
  2. Make sure that Thunderbird is shut down completely, (any and all versions.)
  3. Scroll down until you locate a folder named .mozilla-thunderbird.  (notice the dot preceding the name.  This is important)  This is the folder created by the original Xandros-installed Thunderbird 1.5.  Double-click the folder to open it.


  4. Double-click the folder named (random giberish).default.
  5. Click once on the Mail folder, to select it.  Hold down the Control key, and click once on the file abook.mab, and also click once on the file history.mab.
  6. All three items should now be selected, as shown in the illustration below. Right-click on one of them, and select Copy.


      7.  Now, navigate to your .thunderbird folder.  (This is the folder created by Thunderbird 2 the first time it was run.) Double-click to open it, double-click the folder named (random giberish).default.



      8.  Right click on an empty place in the window, and select Paste. 



9.  Xandros File Manager will pop up a warning that items with the same names already exist, and will be over-written.



 10.  Click the Yes to All button.  That's it!  Now restart Thunderbird 2, and your mail and address books should be installed.




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