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How to set default web browser, email client, etc

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Xandros has included in the Control Center, a quick, easy-to-use utility for setting which program in each of several application types, will be used as default by the system.  To access it, click Launch > Control Center > Control Center. 



In the left panel of the Control Center, click the +next to General Settings, to expand the list, click the + next to Desktop Behavior, then click Component Chooser.  In the Component Chooser list, select the program type for which you wish to change the default program, (e.g. web browser, email client).  In this example I will show how to change your default email client to Kmail.  In the panel to the right of the list, change the settings as appropriate.  In this case, tick the box next to the Use a different email client field.  The procedure will vary slightly, depending on which program type you have selected, but it is pretty-much self-explanatory.  The button with the three dots, (...) is, of course, a browse button, which enables you to select the desired program from the Launch Menu.  Click the Browse button, and the kcontrol window will open, with a categorized listing of all available programs.  Click the + next to Internet, then click once on KDEMail in the list.  Click the OK button.  The kcontrol window will close.



Back in the Control Center Component Chooser window, you will now see kmail listed in the Use a different email client field.



When you have finished modifying your settings, click the Apply button at the bottom of the window, and exit the Control Center.  That's it!  All done.  Of course you will need to repeat the above procedure if you want to change the default for a different program type.  Please note, however that the above settings only apply to KDE applications.  Other apps, such as Firefox and Thunderbird do not get their default linked programs settings from the KDE system.  Because Firefox and Thunderbird are "universal' programs, designed to work on a number of different linux desktops, the links to external programs must be set within the program itself.If, as in the example above, you change your default email program from Thunderbird to kmail, you will need to inform Firefox of the change, internally, otherwise when you click on an email link on a web page, Firefox will continue to open Thunderbird, instead of kmail.Fortunately, this is not difficult. Open Firefox, and type about:config in the url bar,where you'd normally type www something.com.  Hit Enter.



In the filter box at the top type mail and see if network.protocol-handler.app.mailto comes up. if it does, right click, click on modify and change what ever is in the box to kmail. If it does not exist, you need to right click in the window, click new, click string.  



Enter network.protocol-handler.app.mailto into the New string value requester which pops up.(copy and paste will work) and click OK.



The new string will be added to those in the window.  Right click on the new string, and click Modify, and type kmail into the box.  Click Ok.  It will work immediately.    Papabearak



Credit where it is due:  The information in this article pertaining to changing the default email client in Firefox is based on information posted on Xandros forums by arnoldjames.  I am most grateful for his contribution.





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