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How to play encrypted DVDs in Xandros

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

DVDs will play fine in Xandros, but you will need to install libdvdcss2, in order to play encrypted (copy protected) commercial DVD movies.


You can locate it here:




it is recommended that you install the win32 codecs also, as they are required for playing many popular Windows video formats:




1. Start by downloading the two files linked above, and save them to an easy-to-find location on your hard drive. I have a separate partition set up on my system, to store things that I do not want to lose in the event that I have to reinstall Xandros. On that partition, I have a folder named Linux packages, where I download all the non-Xandros packages I have installed on my system. This makes them easy to find, and, if I should have to reinstall Xandros in the future, the packages will be handy, with no need to hunt them down and download them again.

2. Next, open Xandros Networks(XN). (Doulble-click the blue globe icon on your desktop, or click Launch > Xandros Networks.) Note: You will need to be connected to the Internet, so if you are on dialup, connect before opening XN. XN will need to update its package information on startup, which can take several minutes. Once it's done, click the File menu and select Enter Administrator Mode. Enter your administrator password when prompted. Next click the Edit menu, and select Set Application Sources. Make sure that both the Xandros distribution and Debian unsupported sites are checked.



3. Click the File menu and select Install DEB file.



In the file requester that appears, navigate to the folder where you saved the two files, select them both, (click one, then the other, while holding down the control key.), and click Open.




4. Wait while XN installs the files. When it finishes, open xine, and try playing a DVD, or a windows media file which you were not able to play previously. Both should play fine now. papabearak


Credit where it's due: The information in this article was culled from posts on Xandros Forums posted by geekydude, redrum, jimallyn, and many, many others. It has been, and remains, one of the most frequently asked questions in the forums. See also, the article on installing mplayer, an alternative media player for Xandros, which many feel is far better than xine: How to install Mplayer

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Anonymous said

at 9:50 pm on Jun 7, 2007

Just a question. If I have already downloaded the file from your site and optionally the W32 codecs and have them stored locally, why is it necessary to set the source options to the Xandros and your repositories? Don't I now have what I need stored locally?

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