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How to Install VirtualBox in Xandros 4

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If you are newly arrived from Windows, and wanting to make the switch completely, but find that there are a few of your "must have" Windows programs for which no Linux equivalent  is available, a virtual machine may be just the ticket.  There are a number of virtual machine products which will work on Xandros.  Any of them will allow you to install Windows and your windows software on Xandros, then run Windows in a window on Xandros, as if it were just another Linux program.  This article will cover VirtualBox, from virtualbox.org, since that is the only one that I have installed and used, and the only one I know enough about to write an accurate tutorial.


1)  For starters, you will need to browse to:  http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads , and download the Debian Sarge version of the program.  Save it to an easy-to-find location on your hard drive.



2)  Before you can install VirtualBox, you will need to install the kernel headers for Xandros 4.  Before you can install the correct kernel headers , you will need to identify which kernel version is installed on your system.  The easy way to do that is to click Launch > Control Center > Control Center.  In Control Center, on the blue splash screen in the right pane, your basic system information is listed, including the kernel version.



3)  Open Xandros Networks, and wait while it updates the package lists.  This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection.  Type kernel headers in the search field, and click the Search button.  in the Standard results, you should see a list very much like the one shown below.  The 2.6.18 smp kernel is used by default, so select the header that matches your installed kernel.  The correct header is circled in red in the illustration below.  Click the Install button beside it, and wait while Xandros Networks installs it.



4)  Once the kernel headers have been installed, and XN has refreshed the package list once more, enter gcc into the search field, and click the Search button.  In the standard results list, you will find C/C++ Development Tools.  Click the Install button next to it, and wait while XN installs it.



5)  Finally, you are ready to install VirtualBox.  Click the File menu in XN, and select Install DEB File.



6)  In the file requester, navigate to the folder where you saved the VirtualBox DEB file, select it and click Open



7)  Enter your root password when prompted, then wait while XN installs the package.  During the install XN will ask you to approve the EULA.  Type yes, and hit Enter.  A short time later, XN will ask if it should compile the kernel now.  Again type yes and hit enter.  Wait while XN compiles the kernel and completes the install.  When it is finished, you are done.  XN should give you a message indicating a successful install.  Close XN and click Launch > Control Center > Control Center.  Click System Administration, click User Manager, click the Administrator button, and enter your root password when prompted.  Click your user account in the list to select it, and click the Properties button at the bottom of the window.



8)  In the User Properties window, click the Groups tab.  Scroll down the list of groups until you find vboxusers, and put a check in the box.  Click the OK button. 



9)  In the User Manager window, click the Apply button, then close the Control Center.  Finally, you will have to reboot your computer, for the changes you made to your user account to take effect.. Once your system has restarted, click Launch > Applications > System > Innotek VirtualBox, to launch VBox, and begin the next stage of your odyssey, setting up your virtual machine, and installing your Windows, (or other OS).  But that's a subject for another article.  This one is finished.   papabearak


Check out the article on installing Windows in VBox here:  How to Install Windows in VirtualBox




Note:  You may also be interested in this article about installing and using VM Ware:  How To Run VMware In Xandros 4





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