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How to install Mplayer

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How to install Mplayer


Please Note: This only works for Xandros 4.


The easy way:


  1. Add the following repository to your sources:


          http://www.geekconnection.org xandros4 main


          By following the steps provided on this wiki page.


    2.  Install everything you need via Xandros Networks.






Manual Install:


Download Mplayer


  1. Uncompress the file.
  2. Open an administrative file manager from Applications -> System -> Administrator Tools -> Xandros File Manager (Administrator)
  3. Browse to the folder in which you uncompressed the files.
  4. Go to Tools open console.
  5. In the console run dpkg -i *.deb
  6. Leave the console open for now.
  7. Open Xandros Networks.
  8. Go to Edit -> Set Application Sources
  9. Make sure both the Xandros Repository and the Debian Unsupported Repository are enabled.
  10. Once the package list is refreshed close Xandros Networks.
  11. In the console type in apt-get install -f






Thanks to BoyLinux & Davepet for the information provided and posted in the forums.


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Anonymous said

at 11:27 am on Apr 22, 2007

This Wiki is provided from instructions originally provided by BoyLinux on his website: http://www.clanfos.net/packages, and copied from a post by Davepet in the Xandros forums:



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