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How to download images from your digital camera

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Open Xandros File Manager, (double-click the Home icon on your desktop), and scroll down the tree view in the left pane, you may find your camera listed as a "removable drive". Some digital cameras are unfortunately not supported in Linux, because the manufacturers do not provide Linux drivers. If you don't see yours listed as a removable drive, another option is to download and install DigiKam or PhotoManager from Xandros Networks. DigiKam and PhotoManager are essentially the same program, although PhotoManager has been tweaked a bit to mesh better with Xandros. Start Xandros Networks, and wait while it updates the package lists. Click the File menu and select Enter Administrator Mode, enter your administrator password when prompted. Click the Edit menu and select Set Application Sources. Make sure that both the Xandros Main, and Debian Unsupported sites are checked. Click the Settings menu and check Expert View then type DigiKam into the search field in the upper right corner, and click the search button. In the left pane, two search results will appear, Standard View and Expert View. In this instance, you will not need the Expert View list, which typically shows a lot more packages than does the Standard View. In the standard view, you will see Photo Manager, and Photo Manager Documentation. You will want to install both packages, if they are not already installed. Next to each entry is a button. If the button reads Install, just click it to install the package. Wait while XN installs it, then do the same for the second package. When finished, exit XN. If the button reads Remove, then the package is already installed on your system, and will be accessible from Launch > Applications > Graphics. DigiKam(Photo Manager) supports quite a number of digital cameras, including, hopefully, yours. Finally, if all else fails, you can buy a USB card-reader, a good name brand one, (scandisk 5 in 1 reader is reported to work well), plug it into your USB and insert the card from your camera. Xandros should recognize it as a "removable drive", and allow you to download and save your pictures that way. Hope this helps. papabearak

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