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How to backup, and synchronize your bookmarks in Firefox

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If you are dual-booting Xandros and Windows, you may want to transfer your bookmarks from Firefox on Windows to Firefox on Xandros, or you may just want to make a backup of your bookmarks so that they won't be lost if you should have to reinstall Xandros.  You may even want to synchronize your bookmarks across two or more computers, so that if you add a new bookmark to one, it is automagically added to the other computers.  You may want to be able to access your bookmarks at any time, from any computer with an internet connection.  Fortunately, all of the above, are not only possible, but easy to achieve.  I will outline the methods below.


Backing up your Bookmarks to your hard drive:  If you search Xandros Forums, you will find a number of threads detailing a complex procedure for locating, copying, and transferring your bookmarks folder.  Forget those!  Here's an easy, painless method:

 In Firefox, click the Bookmarks menu, and select Organize Bookmarks.  The Bookmarks Manager window will open.  Click the File Menu, and select Export





In the File Requester, navigate to your Windows C: partition, or another partition separate from your Xandros install.  Create a new folder named Firefox Bookmarks, or something equally imaginative, and click Save



That's all there is to it!  In the event that you ever have to reinstall Xandros, just click the Bookmarks menu in your newly installed Firefox, and select Organize Bookmarks.  In the Bookmarks Manager window, click the File menu, and select Import.  In the File Requester, navigate to the Firefox Bookmarks folder you created earlier, open it, select the file Bookmarks.html, and click OK.  Like magic, your bookmarks will be restored.  Please note:  You can also use this exact same method to import the bookmarks from Firefox on Windows, to Firefox on Xandros.  Just boot into Windows, open Firefox, and go through the above procedure.  Create the Firefox Bookmarks folder on your C: drive, and save your bookmarks there, then boot back into Xandros, click Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks, and in the Bookmarks Manager window, click File > Import.   Select From File, and click Next In the file requester, navigate to the folder you created on your C: drive, open it, select the Bookmarks.html file, and click Open.


Synchronize your Bookmarks accross two or more computers, and access them from any computer:  First you will need to download and install the Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer extension from the Firefox Add-ons site:  Tools > Add-ons, and in the Add-ons window, click the Get Extensions link at the bottom right.  The extension works on Firefox 1.5 and above, on Windows Mac and Linux.






Search for Foxmarks, then click the link on the search results page to open the Foxmarks download page.  Click Install Now.  When the installation is complete, click the link in the Add-ons window to restart Firefox.





When Firefox restarts, Foxmarks will open a wizard to guide you through the setup.  If you do not already have a Foxcloud account, you will need to create one. 




The wizard will guide you through the process, and is self-explanatory.  Once your account is setup, Foxmarks will upload a copy of your bookmarks to the Foxcloud server.  To synchronize your bookmarks on your other computers, you will need to install the Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer on each of them.  You do not need to create an account again.  In the Foxmarks wizard, simply choose the I already Have an Account option, and enter the username and password you created when you setup your Foxcloud account, then complete the steps in the wizard to synchronize your bookmarks.  Note:  Since your bookmarks are stored online, an Internet connection is required for this extension to work.  To access your bookmarks from any computer with an Internet connection, start Firefox, and go to http://www.foxmarks.com/ , and click on the My Foxmarks tab, enter your username and password when prompted, and new page will open with all your bookmarks displayed in the left pane.  Just click on one to open the bookmarked page.    papabearak










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