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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago
Welcome to Xandros WIKI!



To begin using this Wiki, please Enter Here




Please email me with feedback/suggestions: suggestions@geekconnection.org





Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 4:07 pm on Apr 20, 2007

I think this wiki has potential.

We need to map out how we want the wiki to be organized, and start adding pages. Anyone want to volunteer to organize/setup the wiki initially?

Anonymous said

at 2:54 pm on Apr 25, 2007

I've often been in this very spot, and I always end up coming back to the following questions...
1. Who will use this site?
2. What resources will the site offer its users?
3. What resources will absolutely NOT be offered on this site?
4. What do most people who visit a site like this expect to find?
5. What search keywords would you want a Yahoo/MSN/Google search to point toward this site?
6. As the site's creator, what did/do you envision it to be? A one-stop help source? A place for information about files, applications, and HOWTO's?
7. Is your vision of the function of this site so broad as to water-down the things users might find most useful by hiding them in a sea of sub-menus?
7a. How many clicks to an answer are too many?
8. Did you envision a multi-paged index, or will a home/index page index suffice? (this goes with "how many clicks to an answer?)

Looking good. I un-centered the FAQ's entry in the sidebar because it looked like a heading (it confused me at first). Slap me if necessary. :-)

Anonymous said

at 3:26 pm on Apr 28, 2007

I think moving the FAQ's to left of Center is fine, and likely appropriate.

I envision this wiki to be what Xandrosians make it to be...

That being said,I envision it to be first and foremost a place for new users to go for simple how-to's, then expand from there.

I already plan on reorganizing the pages and links when there's enough of them to do so. Multi-page linking based on categories/topics is an important evolutionary step once we have enough information to warrant such a move.

Any ideas to facilitate and/or implement this for the future would be much appreciated! Volunteers to perform such work are always welcome also! ;)

Anonymous said

at 11:50 pm on Apr 28, 2007

"Xandros Wiki Resource Page" sounds to me like a place to go to learn about Wikis.
Even you comment:
"If you are looking for how-to's you can locate them on the...." didn't grab my atttention as a "start here" link.

Frankly, I've popped in here 3 or 4 times, didn't see any new info posted & left.

I think you need at least a "major heading" index on the home page. I know there isn't much to work with now, but putting up a framework may spur folks to contribute. It doesn't have to be perfect from the get go, just a few headings to give folks the idea.

I know you want the Xandros community to define this page, but the reality is that without some leadership to get things organized & moving, it won't happen.

Anonymous said

at 8:35 pm on May 3, 2007

I've made some adjustments and improvements to the look, feel, and usability of this wiki. Please keep providing feed back, so I can continue to make improvements.

Anonymous said

at 12:17 pm on May 8, 2007

I've made a few changes as well, and I think it's shaping up nicely. I was really pleased to see redrum post some of his most uhelpful how-to's here. I've been writing and posting new articles as fast as I can, but am fast running out of areas in which I am knowledgable enough to write about. I think we need to keep encouraging regulars on the forums, with expertise in a particular area to post one or more articles on the topic, particularly for questions that get asked and answered repeatedly on the forums. If we can get articles posted on the wiki covering all the common questions, and then start directing people to the wiki for those answers, instead of typing the answers again and again,I believe this site will really come into its own as a valuable resource for the community. Thanks Gene, for providing it, and thanks to all for your comments and contributions. Ben

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