CD ROM Access on AmaroK

Usually, people opens file on the CD / DVD ROM from Playlist -> Add Media. Buy, now, you can open any directory on a sidebar (including CD-ROM), especially you can open CD-ROM on that sidebar and on an iPod sidebar! See the steps.


1. Open amaroK. Launch -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Music Manager.


To open any directory :

2. Click on "Files" (left pane, 2 from the bottom)

3. Navigate to directory which you want to, and you can insert/add music to amaroK and copies files to that directory.


To open CDRom Access on Media Player sidebar :

2. Click Settings -> Configure Music Manager

3. Click on Media Devices -> Add Media.

4. In the name textbox, enter "CD Rom Drive" or "DVD Rom Drive" or "DVD-RW Drive" or "Blu-Ray Disc Drive" (same with the type of selected drive)

5. In the Mount Point text box, enter "/var/autofs/cdrom.1/cdrom.1/" (Change "cdrom.1" with the mount address of your drive. To see it, open XFM, navigate to My Linux, insert a disc (any disc will work, except corrupt disc and blank disc). The mount point is the address on "Address" bar.)

6. In "Select the plugin...", select "Generic Audio Device".

7. Click OK, OK.

8. On "Media Device" tab, select "Generic Audio Device (mounted at /var/autofs/cd ..." and click Connect. Now you can see what's on your CD.